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Product Nameļ¼šA186G type carding machine

Information source: Qingdao Dongrunfa Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main features

Unique three-roller striping    

Additional licker-in carding plate      

 Additional stationary flats at the front and back        

Doffer speed: frequency control parameter meter       

New can coiler (square)  Enclosed safety shield      

High-quality metal card clothing       

Synchronous belt drive, without noise

Main technical specifications

Application: pure cotton and chemical fiber        

Card sliver quantitative: 3.5-6g/m        

Output: max 35kg       

Working width : 1000mm      

 Additional parts: licker-in carding plate, stationary flats at the front and back of cylinder and doffer, web cleaner. (optional)      

Applicable silver can: φ6OOX9OOmm (diameter*height)     φ6OOXlllOOmm         

Dust extraction: Cylinder, doffer trigonal area, licker-in cover, and etc.    

Continuous air volume: 130Om3/h    

 Wind pressure: 500-600Pa        

Total installed power: 4.46Kw        

Floor area(length*width): 3089X2092mm        

Weight: about 4500kg

Synchronous drive transformation drawing of carding machine

Upgrade and transformation workshop of A186 series carding machine  


1. The machine can effectively increase single machine yield, and realize stepless frequency conversion of doffer.
2. It can effectively improve card silver quality and yarn quality.