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Product Recommendation

Product Nameļ¼šFA231C type carding machine

Main features:
Microprocessor control, can display relevant parameters;
Stable operation, low noise;
Visible dust filtration pipeline;
Continuous pressure detection, good dust collection effect;
New-model licker-in carding plate and aluminium alloy stationary flat;
Free of maintenance, simple operation;
Fully-enclosed safety shield, attractive appearance;
Automatic stop device;
The machine is installed with web cleaner;
New-model metal gear rack;
It can improve web quality.
Technical specifications:
Application: cotton, chemical fiber, and its blended yarn with fiber length of 22-76mm
Output (kg/hour) 40-50
Silver output (m/min) 130-160
Sliver quantitative(g/m) 3.5-6.5
Feeding cotton weight (g/m) 400-800
Working width(mm) 1000
Total draft ratio 98-177
Working diameter of cylinder(mm) 1288
Cylinder speed (revolutions/minute) 326 356 428
Working diameter of doffer(mm) 706
Doffer speed (revolutions/minute) 6-60
Working diameter of licker-in(mm) 250
Licker-in speed (revolutions/minute)674 736 803 886 967
Number of working plate 30/82
Speed evolving of revolving flat (mm/min) 77-309
Additional carding parts: stationary flat, web cleaner, licker-in carding machine
Diameter of applicable sliver can (mm): 600 or 1000 Height: 1100-1200
Continuous suction (m3/hour) 3500 
Outlet static pressure (Pa) -920 
Total installed power (KW): power6.5KW 
Main engine: 3.8 
Doffer motor: 1.5 
Cleaning roller motor: 0.37 
Cleaning roller motor: 0.37 
Feed roller motor: 0.55 
Flat brush motor: 0.007
Safety shield: fully enclosed
Floor area(mm): 3442×1916 
Net weight(kg): about 5500
The construction of driving cylinder and licker-in with flat beltls simple and its staring is smooth and stable.
Reversed revolving flats increasecarding acdon and improve wed quality. Fla