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Product Name:FA201B type carding machine

Information from: Qingdao Xinjia Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
Category: Textile machinery, spinning machinery 
Key Words: FA201B type, carding machine, Cotton spinning complete equipment, spinning machinery, textile machinery
Product Series: Cotton spinning series
Model: FA201B

1. Technical specifications
·Suitable scope: Fiber length 22-76mm cotton, chemical fiber and its blends.
·Yield (kg / h): 45(Highest)
·Sliver fixed quantity (m): 3.5-6.5
·Cotton layer fixed quantity (g/m): 400-800
·Working width (mm): 1000
·Total drafting multiple: 68.7-152.8
·Licker-in working diameter (mm): 250
·Licker-in working speed (rev / min): 823、938、1039
·Doffer working diameter (mm): ¢706
·Doffer working speed (rev / min): 4-46
·Cylinder working diameter (mm): ¢1289
·Cylinder working speed (rev / min): 323、360、403
·Rotary flat number (working flat / flat total number): 39/104
·Additional combing parts: Licker-in carding plate, 3 front, 2 backward stationary flat plates
·Applicable sliver tube (mm): ¢600×900、¢600×1100
·Total installed power: 5.42kw
·Main motor: 3.3kw
·Doffer kw: 1.5kw
·Cleaning roller motor: 0.55kw
·Area (length × width): 3721×2033 (mm)
·Machine net weight: About 5000 kg
2. Selection
·Blowing-carding: No lap waste blowing-carding unit, suitable for high-speed, high-yielding.
·Intermittent suction: Machine continuous suction fan exhaust volume 2400m 3/h, on and up machine intermittent suction exhaust volume 3000 m3/h.
·Continuous suction: Continuous exhaust opening volume 2800-3500 m3/h.