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Product Recommendation

Product Name:FA2O4K type carding machine

Main technical specifications
Application: fiber length 22-76mm, pure cotton, chemical fiber, and its blended.
Sliver output: max 140m/min
Output: (kg/hour): max 45
Sliver quantitative (g): 3.5-6.5
Cotton layer quantitative (mm): 400-800
Working width 〔mm): 1000
Total draft ratio;68.7-152.8
Working diameter of licker-in(mm): φ250
Licker-in speed (revolutions/minute)823. 938. 1039
Working diameter of doffer (mm): φ706
Working diameter of doffer (revolutions/minute)4-46
Working diameter of cylinder (mm): φ1289
Working speed of cylinder(revolutions/minute): 323, 360, 403
Number of revolving flat (working cover plate/number of cover plate): 39/104
Additional carding parts: licker-in carding machine, stationary flat, and web cleaner
Applicable silver can (mm): φ600×900, φ600×1100
Total installed power: 5.72KW
Main engine: 3.3KW
Doffer motor: 1.5KW
Cleaning roller motor: 0.37KW
Feed roller motor: 0.55KW
Floor area(length*width): 3721X2033(mm)
Net weight: about 5500kg
Blowing-carding: adoptsblowing-carding to realize auto-levelling of open loop and mixed loop.
Continuous suction: 2800-3500 cubic meters/hour
Relationship between production and delivery speed&sliver weight