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Product Recommendation

Product Name:FA1171A type vapour-pressure type cotton box (auto-levelling)

1.Feed box 2.Fan 3. Feed roller 4. Plucker roller 5. Vibrating grid 6. Still pressure box 7. Output roller 8.Feed channel 9. Carding machine


Main specifications

Applicable raw materials Natural or artificial fiber under 76mm
Working width (mm) 950
Output (kg/hour) 100
Diameter of feed roller (mm) ¢120
Diameter of plucker roller (mm) ¢266
Fan speed (revolutions/minute) 2740
Exhaust air rate (m/h, Pa) 600, -500
Installed power (KW) 3.4
Boundary dimension (width*thickness*height)(mm) 1614×600×2800
Net weight (kg) 1400