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Product Recommendation

Product Name:FB219 cashmere set frame

The machine is used in opening and cleaning cashmere, camel's hair, cow suede, spun silk blended, and other raw materials.
Structural features
1. Feeding mode: adopts vibrating volumetric type.
2. Magnetic steel is installed on inclined spike lattice.
3. Main engine adopts converter technique.
4. Infrared photoelectric meter is installed between wipe roll and doffer.
5. Three-roller wool striping.
Main specifications and technical parameters
1. Machine width: 1020mm
2. Feeding mode: Mechanical frequency control
3. Irregularity of feeding weight: 0.7-1.7%
4. Length of machinable fiber: 24-75mm
5. Draft ratio: 67.3-120.2
6. Output per machine: 5-25kg
7. Motor power: 7.37KW
8. Machine weight: about 7.5T
9. Floor area: (length*width)7500mm×2000mm