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Product Recommendation

Product Name´╝ÜLFN186 type cashmere carding machine

The machine is used in cashmere, camel's hair, cow suede, and other raw materials.
Structural features
1.Feed part is composed of feed plate and feed roller.
2. Opening is processed between plucker roller and dust removal tool to remove impurities and coarse wools.
3.Coarse wool, scurf and short fiber can be removed at cylinder and revolving flat.
4. Simple and compact structure.
5. Partially enclosed safety shield. Simple operation and attractive appearance.
6. Automatic feed box whose feed quantity is controlled by optoelectronic switch can be matched at the customer's request.
Main technical parameters
1.Machine width: 1020mm
2.Feed mode: automatic or manual feed
3.Length of applicable fiber: 20-75mm
4.Cylinder speed: 204 revolutions/minute, 220 revolutions/minute
5.Doffer speed: 9-10 revolutions/minute
6.Cutting times: 900 times/min
7.Original cashmere processing capacity: 10kg/hour
8.Motor power: 3.72KW
9.Floor area: (length*width3684X2009.5mm)
10.Net weight: 4000kg