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Product Recommendation

Product Name:FN 288 type cashmere carding combination machine

The machine is suitable for cashmere, camel's hair, cow suede, and other materials.
Main technical specifications and technical features
Vehicle category: right hand
Feed mode: Photoelectric control automatic feeding
Working width: 1000mm
Floor area of machine (length*width): 21000x2010(mm)
Machine weight: about 22T
Motor power: 18.3KW
Main technical parameters
Output per machine: 3-5kg/hour
Precentage of hair content: <0.2%
Impurity rate:
Fiber damage rate: <12%
Comprehensive extraction yield: >95%
Machine features
1.Adopting volumetric feed box. Feed quantity is controlled by optoelectronic switch.
2.Combination form: villus bucket, two sets of opening and combing rolls, four sets of cover plates.
3.Feed, opening, and cover plate carding machines are driven by separate electrical motor.
4.The machine is controlled by electrical cabinet.