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Product Recommendation

Product Name:BC262A/B262B type roving and spinning fearnaught

The machine is suitable for loosing, cleaning, and mixing scoured wool or chemical fiber. It is indispensable equipment before carding and combing processes.
Main technical parameters
Vehicle category: right hand (in front of the machine and face doffer)
Machine width: 1200mm
Machine weight: BC262 is about 5.5T, B262 is about 4.8T
Power: BC262. 23.6KW;8262. 17.1KW
Production capacity: maximum 800-1500kg/hour

Speed critical part
Cylinder: 206 revolutions/minute 227 revolutions/minute
Doffer: 880 revolutions/minute
Fan: 807 revolutions/minute
Floor area: 1095X1400mm
Refueling unit: 720 revolutions/minute
Floor area: 2380X1100mm
Floor area of main engine: 6500X2610mm